Hydroponic Systems International
Is a young and innovative company specialised in providing efficient and high-quality solutions for the collection and reuse of drainage in hydroponic cultivation
Hydroponic Systems, control drainage
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Hydroponic Systems International

Is a young and innovative company specialised in providing efficient and high-quality solutions for the collection and reuse of drainage in hydroponic cultivation

For this, Hydroponic Systems International has developed various drainage collection systems for hydroponic agriculture that improve crop yield and the quality of obtained yields. With our gutters, we solve various problems that can occur within a hydroponic greenhouse such as unwanted puddling under the cultivation bags, proliferation and transmission of diseases or insufficient root development leading to a decrease in both the quality and quantity of yields.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the area devoted to hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses. Indeed, this trend is expected to continue increasing in the coming years, due to all the advantages of this type of cultivation system. Among the system’s advantages is the fact that, by not being soil dependent, the possible appearance of pest and fatigue problems can be avoided. In addition, greater control of the phenological states of the crop, earlier yields and a significant saving in water and fertilisers can be had thanks to the collection and recirculation of what is drained off from irrigation. It is at this point, where Hydroponic Systems employs all its efforts to be at the forefront with new products. The latter expanding the possibilities of access, that farmers have with any type of crop, to the benefits of an optimal collection of drainage water in hydroponics, thanks to Hydroponic Systems’ patented products.


The main objective of our drainage collection and control gutters, in hydroponic cultivation, is to keep the greenhouse free and dry from what is drained off. Thus, it is essential to efficiently control such drainage.


Optimum circulation of what is drained off.


Prevent roots from coming out of bags and coming into contact with drainage water.


Reduce the proliferation of diseases and their spread among plants in the same row.


Save on water, fertiliser and phytosanitary products.


Achieve greater production and higher quality.


Allow the reuse of what is drained off (water + nutrients).


Maximise the aeration between the substrate bag and the flow of what is drained off.

Advantages Of Hydroponic Spacer

A Hydroponic Spacer is the key piece in our systems for collecting what is drained off in hydroponic cultivation.


Its exclusive patented design allows the cultivation bag to be raised to the optimal height so that roots do not come out and come into contact with the flow of what is drained off. The aeration achieved with a Hydroponic Spacer under the hydroponic culture bag prevents any decay or other fungal diseases, while also preventing any temperature accumulation at the level of the roots of the hydroponic crop.


The structure of the Hydroponic Spacer, which is patented and strong, is designed to withstand the weight of any hydroponic crop, providing the bag with perfect support and achieving a fluid drainage outlet at the same time as evenly hydrating the bag.


The Hydroponic Spacer is designed for all types of substrates in different formats: coco peat fibre, perlite, turf and rock wool.


All the products of Hydroponic Systems have been designed to optimise their functionality and are made with top quality materials.

Our gutters are made with 100% virgin polypropylene plus high-quality additives for UV protection. Transformation processes manufacture the gutters with the latest machinery and strict quality controls. Due to this, we can offer different options that adapt to all types of hydroponic cultivation in different substrate types offering a wide range of possibilities, providing customised solutions for efficient drainage control and recirculation.

  • Availability according to colours: Black or white.
  • Availability according to thickness: 0.7mm, 1mm and 1.2mm.
  • Availability according to measurements: (6.2 + 23 + 6.2), (16 + 30 + 16) and customisable measurements.
  • Suitable for all kinds of substrates like rock wool, coconut fibre, perlite, among others and different formats: bags, pots, in bulk.

The accessories created by Hydroponic Systems enable the collection gutters to collect what is drained off and to become a complete system in which all elements are integrated so that they work together (cultivation bag, irrigation pipes, etc.). Hydroponic Systems’ clips provide the system with stability by keeping the gutter straight and attached to the Hydroponic Spacer. They also hold the drip-feed piping inside the system avoiding water leaks and possible breakages due to the work done inside hydroponic greenhouses. They are designed for drip-feed piping that has a diameter of between 16mm and 25mm.


For the correct gutter ling of what is drained off at the end of each line of crops, and so that it can be taken to the channelling pipelines, an Out-Flow piece has been designed. This is a long-lasting piece that allows the attachment of a pipe that will take what is drained off to the network of PVC drainage collection pipes.


Hydroponic Systems has also thought about those agricultural businesses that have small fruit crops. To prevent fruit from falling into the canal, on being taken off the plant, Hydroponic Systems has a Cover piece. This prevents unwanted rotting and obstruction in the collection of what is drained off.

Highly Qualified Personnel

Hydroponic Systems has qualified personnel in the fields of engineering, commercial advice and logistics to offer you the best services and products that best suit your needs and those of your hydroponic crops.

Both for the development of new products for these systems that control the drainage of crops in hydroponic greenhouses and for the transformation of them and for choosing raw material and additives,  we have created an alliance with companies specialised in the transformation of plastic polymers. In addition to this, we collaborate with specialists from major petrochemical corporations and those producing additives, who pass on their expertise adapting it to the needs of our products. Therefore, we have a team of professionals with whom we ensure efficient product developments that have the finishes and specifications demanded by the market.

Our drainage collection gutters in hydroponic cultivation, whatever the version, are products of great quality, durability and easy assembly.
Our production, facilities and equipment allow us to reach any part of the world in record time.

Global Presence

Installations of our systems in more than 25 countries around the world.