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JH Hydroponic Systems, SL seeks to provide solutions to any of the issues facing hydroponic crop systems in terms of drainage and irrigation control and circulation. Therefore, and in view of the effects of eliminating leachate for customers that use hydroponic crop systems, we have decided to dedicate resources and expertise to the development of cost-effective systems for these hydroponic greenhouse drainage systems. This way we can provide solutions which reduce disease in hydroponic crops and improve both the quality and quantity of production.

In light of the huge potential of hydroponic greenhouse crops both for horticulture, floriculture and livestock feeding, we have decided to commission this new project to improve the control and recirculation of drainage systems, so as to optimise hydroponic crop irrigation and keep greenhouses leachate free.

Both in terms of developing the products of this drainage control system for hydroponic greenhouse crops, and transforming them and selecting raw material and additives, we have forged a partnership with companies that specialise in the transformation of plastic polymers; furthermore, we are working alongside specialists from large petrochemical and additive companies who convey their know-how which is suited to the needs of our products. This means that we boast a team of professionals which is able to guarantee the production of effective products, along with the finishes and qualities required by markets.

Our value chain has a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TEAM which consists of:

  • Agricultural engineers capable of identifying the demand of producers
  • Industrial engineers who are responsible for the R&D&I department
  • Chemists from the most prestigious petrochemical corporations
  • Chemists from large additive companies
  • Industrial Engineers and Technicians specialising in the transformation of plastic polymers


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