In JH Hydroponic Systems, SL ,we are developing new hydroponic systems for the livestock sector

Why to use the hydroponics system in livestock?


The hydroponic crop system for livestock has gained ground in recent years due to considerable interest in having access to on-site animal feedstuff production processes which are of a sufficient quality, available at an optimum cost and sustainable in the long term

The hydroponic crop system for livestock seeks to reduce animal feedstuff costs and increase both its quality and quantity while improving the health of animals, their living conditions and, ultimately, their productivity with the integration of the hydroponic crop system

Therefore, the hydroponic system is fast becoming a great choice for feedstuff on farms because large swathes of land are not needed for production as this activity is performed in greenhouses, barns, etc. Producers are able to give their livestock highly nutritional feedstuff obtained from their own installations at any time of the year and regardless of climate conditions, by using the hydroponic crop system, which provides suitable production at times of drought, ice, flooding and other naturally occurring adverse weather conditions. This is how we are able to prevent any potential shortage of foodstuff without harming the overall productivity of livestock installations with the help of hydroponic crops

We provide you with a comprehensive system, i.e. greenhouse with climatic control, gutter system for germination and production, irrigation and organic irrigation system, etc