Hydroponic Systems at Rancho Santa Cristina - Hydroponic Systems
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Hydroponic Systems at Rancho Santa Cristina

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Mexico: Stronger crops at Rancho Santa Cristina due to better drainage control

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Over the last 1,5 years, more than 300 hectares of Mexican hydroponic greenhouses have made a transition from a traditional polyester block gutter set up to a newer and more effective drainage control systems. These projects with the new gutter spacer system from Hydroponic Systems are are mainly concentrated in Guanajuato, Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, San Luis Potosi, and Puebla state.

In this video, the technical staff of Mexican greenhouse company Rancho Santa Cristina in Degollado Jalisco, explains advantages and benefits of their new gutter system.
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The grower has been registering and comparing their day by day labor costs, and they verify a decrease (25-30%) with the new system, as the gutters are able to keep drainage drop and circulation totally controlled. Also the crops are healthier and stronger as the roots are not in touch with leaches. “Less agrochemical products are used against root diseases.”

Furthermore, the hydration of the slabs is perfectly uniform and root development is at an optimum. “The substrates are in a better environment, which guarantees healthier crops and production improvements.”