PRODUCTS - Hydroponic Systems
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We offer elements that enable you to create the most appropriate solution depending on your needs for controlling and recirculating what is drained off in your greenhouse hydroponic cultivations, being able to choose between several options.

Gutters for hydroponic cultivation at soil level


A system for the collection of what is drained off in hydroponic cultivation, which is the most suitable for those yields in which cultivation bags are used.

Each of its 4 elements is what makes it unique and functional.


The new system from Hydroponic Systems is specially designed for crops in flowerpots or growbags, used for growing crops both large and small. The new HS SPACER 300×300 is very robust and allows for perfect drainage of the flowerpot substrate, thus maintaining the appropriate air-water balance in the root medium. This system adapts the benefits of systems from Hydroponic Systems for use with crops in flowerpots, allowing for drainage collection with the gutter while the irrigation tube is fixed in place with clips.


Our system of hydroponic cultivation in bulk is the perfect solution for those crops that will be cultivated in this way. The clamps together with the retainers form supports that give the gutter a high level of consistency with a hydrated substrate.


The combined system, as its name suggests, groups the two previous systems: Complete System + Bulk System.

The upper part of the system contains the substrate in bulk, in which the crop will be placed, thus draining perfectly and allowing the lower part to correctly carry out its collecting function by airing out the substrate and enabling perfect root development.



All the gutters for the collection of what is drained off in elevated hydroponic cultivation have an exclusive HS ELEVATED SPACER that enables the perfect placement and holding of bags on the metallic gutters.

These metallic gutters are light and resistant allowing both their placement on floor supports and their placement hung from the structure of the greenhouse.

The HS ELEVATED SPACER, with its unique and exclusive design, allows drains to flow cleanly and freely through the Hydroponic Systems’ hydroponic metal pipeline. The large amount of space for aeration between the sack and the drains prevents the roots from coming out of the sack and coming into contact with the drainage water.

With the HS ELEVATED SPACER, the undesirable increase in temperature around the root, which is produced with other types of metal gutter, is avoided. This is especially so during the hottest hours of the day during the summer months.

Our metal gutters systems for elevated hydroponic cultivation prevent the drains from touching any metal parts so that they are not corroded or damaged due to the action/effect of the chemicals present in the irrigation water.

Thanks to all this, Hydroponic Systems’ raised hydroponic greenhouses provide a renewed alternative to other existing solutions on the market, leading to a profitable investment from day one.


The new drainage collection gutters from Hydroponic Systems are specially designed for hydroponic strawberry crops. With this system, we have achieved the most appropriate height for field work and the ideal gradient to enable the most effective collection of all irrigation drainage.

HS STRAWBERRY SYSTEM allows for drainage collection under any type of crop protection structure, whether it is a mesh shade, a tunnel or a multi-tunnel greenhouse. As such, it can be adapted to any type of installation, new or pre-existing.


These drainage collection gutters are suitable for those hydroponic crops that require a certain height above ground level. Thus, permitting a height that is more suitable for the work of the labourers, without needing to have a greenhouse with a specially or more reinforced structure.

The HS ELEVATED SYSTEM drainage collection system has floor supports of adjustable height, which also facilitate the obtaining of a perfect slope for the flow of the drainage water and its efficient collection.


For hydroponic greenhouses, we have our HS HANGING SYSTEM with the highest level of technology and the most complete structures. This system is hung from the structure of the greenhouse, allowing the crop to be in the best position for manual work to be carried out on it, with a perfect slope for the collection of what is drained off.