Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Solutions

At JH Hydroponic Systems, we are an innovative and enterprising company that puts a clear emphasis on the development of new drainage control and recirculation solutions for hydroponic greenhouse crops; we adapt to the needs of the market related to the various varieties of hydroponic crops and integration with irrigation systems

Our top priority is to actively listen to our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders of the sector so that we are in the best possible position to provide practical solutions to all your hydroponic crop needs by taking on board their opinions and any aspects that they would like to see improved

We are flexible depending on the different kinds of greenhouse hydroponics and this approach enables the end user to benefit from greater development and production quality based on the control and effective circulation of hydroponic crop drainage systems. Another aspect of our solutions that should be highlighted is the proactive reduction of diseases that are transmitted by an ineffective discharge of leachate