R&D+i - Hydroponic Systems
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Our R&D team, which is always engaged in continuous research, seeks to develop new solutions and products related to the control of what is drained off in hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses. All this, to meet the needs and demand of clients, farmers, engineers, agricultural consultants, and other professionals in the sector. Feedback from our clients helps us select the lines of development needed to improve the control and evacuation of hydroponic drainage. We are always in touch with professionals, who work in the field, in order to detect any problems and find solutions. Thus, we actively listen to each and every one of our clients to improve the performance of their crops by, among other factors, reducing diseases and optimising irrigation resources. Our tailor-made solutions enable the minimisation of risks in the handling of hydroponic cultivation from the point of view of the root.

Engineers and technicians, from Hydroponic Systems International, work continuously to develop new solutions and improve drainage in greenhouse hydroponic cultivation. A great multidisciplinary team that every day strives to achieve these goals. It is worth mentioning the direct involvement and commitment of the company’s Top Management as a fundamental factor in the success of new products.

Hydroponic Systems’ drainage collection and control systems for hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses is patented according to international trademark and patent regulation.

On the other hand, we have strategic alliances in different and related productive sub-sectors, which allow us to highly adapt new developments to production demands. In addition, we achieve efficient solutions adapted to the different agronomic needs within a greenhouse that has hydroponic crops. It is important to differentiate drainage control according to the climate, water quality, and fertirrigation system, technological level of the greenhouse and qualification of the local labour force. Different parts of the world require different options for control, circulation, evacuation or recirculation of drainage.

Important research centres rely on our drainage control systems to carry out their important activities. Among them, we can highlight Koppert and Sakata Almería, Rijk Zwaan Murcia, Planasa Huesca-Segovia and Dupont Spain.

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We are also members of CETEC (Technological Centre for Footwear and Plastics, Region of Murcia). Its laboratories are equipped with the latest technology that allows us excellent quality control with accelerated ageing tests, composition and physical properties analysis

In addition, Hydroponic Systems International is part of the Agritech platform, a platform that brings together technology companies from the Region of Murcia and research centres that, with the support of the Autonomous Administration and the UPCT (The Polytechnic University of Cartagena), and offers farmers from all over the world comprehensive, flexible and efficient solutions