100% Custom-made Gutter


100% Custom-made Gutter

In Hydroponic Systems we work to adapt our products to the needs and crops of our clients. It is for this reason that we have poured our efforts into getting a drainage gutter completely customizable in order to fit perfectly with what producers need.

Our drainage gutter are made from 100% virgin polypropylene to which is added the best additives during the manufacturing process to achieve the qualities required at fieldwork.

Features to choose from:

• The color. You can choose between black and white.

• The thickness of the channel. Choose from three different thicknesses: 0,7-1,0-1,2 mm.

• Custom Roll. The gutter is served in rolls manufactured according to the length of cultivation lines for easy
placement in field, obtaining a single continuous gutter line without joints, thus gutter drains more effectively.

• Development. You can choose the channel width and height of the wings (maximum development of 900mm). In this way, you can adjust the maximum amount of channel that will provide adequate performance to its cultivation.

Consult minimum order and availability of your custom gutter.

For more information we are at your complete disposal in [email protected] or +34 968 89 81 81