Benefits of growing strawberries in HS Evolution Pot


Benefits of growing strawberries in HS Evolution Pot

  • The new drainage system from Hydroponic Systems has several added advantages over other units in its catalogue
  • It reduces the use of plastics, thus saving the grower costs and being more environmentally friendly
  • The durability of the HS Evolution Pot system is higher than that of substrate plastics and serves for several production cycles
  • Allows an optimal use of the surface and a freer distribution of the plants
  • The Spacer Pot guarantees space between roots and drains, avoiding diseases and producing more and higher quality strawberries

There is a professional drainage system that optimizes strawberry production in greenhouses to the maximum. One capable of increasing the economic yield of each cycle thanks to its characteristics. A long-lasting product that reduces the consumption of plastic and its related costs, while helping the environment.

It is the HS Evolution Pot, a professional drainage system for substrate crops that has a pot called Spacer-Pot on which to place the strawberry plants. Its special features make it the perfect unit on which to grow healthier, tastier and more profitable strawberries.

HS Evolution Pot: benefits of growing in a metal gutter with a pot

For all the above questions there is a common answer: the HS Evolution Pot system. It is a unit designed and manufactured by Hydroponic Systems for growing strawberries. It has a metal gutter through which the excess liquids circulate, a Spacer-Pot containing the substrate and an out-flow that completes the drainage process.

The HS Evolution Pot system has a series of advantages of its own, which are:

  • Durability: it allows the Spacer-Pot to be reused for several cycles, avoiding the cost of bagged substrate and the removal of these plastics.
  • Greater production capacity: the use of Spacer-Pot on a metal gutter allows the grower to optimize the cultivation space according to his needs, for example, by placing the strawberry in a zigzag pattern or following a different pattern to that required by the use of the substrate bags.
  • Freedom for the grower: growing in Spacer-Pot pots avoids the use of substrate bags, so growers have maximum flexibility to use the substrate formulation of their choice.
  • Zero waste: by not using bags, it avoids removing plastic every year and becomes a system aligned with respect for the environment.

HS Evolution Pot is a further step in Hydroponic System’s range of professional drainage units. This system is a breakthrough fruit of its innovation and development work, and in addition to providing a series of unique advantages, it includes all the advantages that characterize the rest of the catalogue:

  • The Spacer-Pot, like all Hydroponic Systems’ Spacers, keeps the roots separate from the drainage.
  • It promotes optimal aeration and oxygenation for the roots.
  • Prevents the proliferation and transmission of root diseases along the drainage.
  • Avoids any waterlogging.
  • Generates healthier and stronger roots, and consequently, more and higher quality strawberries.
  • Increases production profitability and economic benefits for the grower.
  • HS Evolution Pot can be used in greenhouses in both hanging and raised supports, adapting to any type of protected cultivation structure.

HS Evolution Pot is another example of the company’s commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions so that growers all over the world can do their work in the best possible way, offering answers to their root disease problems.

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