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HS Elevated System


HS Elevated System



Elevated System

The Hydroponic Systems Elevated Gutter System allows to add all the benefits that the Spacer provides, to the advantages of an elevated gutter system.

An elevated gutter, being supported above the ground, allows airflow below all plants, and additionally, when it has a Spacer, enhances aeration and eliminates moisture accumulation under the substrate.

Hs Spacer Elevated
- Single measurement 23,5cm x 100cm
- Ref. 020002
Elevated Gutter
- Development 13,5+13,5
- Thickness 0,7mm
- Available in white
- Ref. 110135
Metal Lattice
- Without lacquering
- Lacquered in blue
- Ref. 040004
- Ref. 990001/990002
Floor Stand
- Ref. 960001
Elevated Clip
- Ref. 030005
Elevated Cap
- Ref. 040004
Elevated Out-flow
- Ref. 040003

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