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HS Evolution Pot System

Zero-waste, long-lasting and cost-saving

HS Evolution Pot

HS Evolution Pot System

Exclusive product!

Our new HS Evolution Pot system, specially designed for growing strawberries, has the advantages of all our spacer based products: it avoids crop contact with drains, provides aeration and oxygenation, avoids waterlogging and improves root health to make production more economically profitable.

What’s more, HS Evolution Pot is Zero Waste because it avoids the use of disposable plastic packaging in the substrate bags. Its pot is highly resistant and has great durability thanks to its top quality. All this makes for even greater cost savings.

Other advantages:

  • Labour saving
  • Flexibility when using customised substrates
  • The strawberry can be positioned as the grower wishes: zig-zag or in-line
  • The narrower gutter allows more surface area to be utilised
  • Adjustable hanging and elevated to adapt to any type of greenhouse
Elevated Clip
- Single measurement 36x25x15mm
- Ref. 030002
Spacer Pot
- Polypropylene pot with capacity for 16 litres of substrate.
- Ref. 020008
Metal Gutter
- Ref. 120582
Evolution Pot Out-Flow
- Ref. 040007

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