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Spacer Hydropot

Designed for growing pots or growing bags

Spacer Hydropot

Spacer Premium

The Spacer Hydropot is a key component of the HS Hydropot System, designed to optimize plant growth in pots or growing bags. This innovative piece is specifically engineered to provide the ideal spacing above the drainage flow, ensuring proper aeration, excellent substrate drainage, and reduced moisture accumulation. By incorporating the Spacer Hydropot into the system, growers can create a well-ventilated and efficient environment for their plants, leading to healthier growth and improved yields. Whether used in hydroponic or soil-based cultivation, the Spacer Hydropot plays a crucial role in promoting optimal plant health and maximizing productivity.

Spacer Hydropot
- Single Piece
- Measure 98cm x 19cm x 6cm
- Ref. 020004
Advantage of using Spacer Eco
The Spacer Hydropot is an essential component of the HS Hydropot System, offering several advantages for optimal plant cultivation. It provides proper spacing above the drainage flow, ensuring enhanced plant health, superior drainage, increased yields, and versatile application. With the Spacer Hydropot, growers can achieve healthier plants, improved productivity, and successful cultivation outcomes.

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