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HS Strawberry System


HS Strawberry System



Strawberry System

This Hydroponic Systems Drainage Collection Gutter system is specially designed for hydroponic strawberry growing.

With this system, the most suitable height is achieved for field work and the ideal slope to be able to collect all the irrigation drains in the most effective way, always having the benefits provided by having included a Spacer.

HS STRAWBERRY SYSTEM allows drainage collection under any type of structure that protects the crop, whether it is a mesh-shadow, a tunnel or multi-tunnel greenhouse, thus adapting to any type of new or existing installation.

Hs Spacer Elevated
- Single measurement 23,5cm x 100cm
- Ref. 020002
Elevated Gutter
- Development 13,5+13,5
- Thickness 0,7mm
- Available in white
- Ref. 110135
Metal Lattice
- Without lacquering
- Lacquered in blue
- Ref. 990001 / 990002
Strawberry Support
- Ref. 970005
Elevated Clip
- Ref. 030005
Elevated Cap
-Ref. 040004
Elevated Out-Flow
- Ref. 040003

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