We are facing two unprecedented issues: at the same time that farmlands degraded and the competitiveness of the sector demands more production per hectare and better quality, the population grows exponentially. We live in a world of unpredictable nature and if we really want to face all the environmental and production challenges, we need to control the resources. Circular Economy emerges to put an end to this problem by designing a system based on three principles:  

1. Waste Control: Fertilizers and Water Purification.

  An environmental catastrophe shook the Mar Menor last year due, among other factors, to the leakage of drains from crops in the Campo de Cartagena. This could have been avoided by carrying out adequate collection of the drainages and disinfection for the later reuse through a hydroponic system in greenhouse crops.  

2. Maintenance of prodcuts and materials in a continue use: water recirculation and constant cultivation

  Water is a scarce resource that we discussed in a previous publication on our website: According to the data, we see how the hydroponic crops and also high technology equipment in a greenhouse make possible to save almost 95% of irrigation water. This is vital in regions such as Murcia, with a water scarcity that contrasts with its potential for the agricultural sector.

Water usage per kilogram of tomatoes.

Reference: Van Kooten et al. New development in greenhouse technology can mitigate the water shortage problem in the 21st Century. Acta Hort 767. P45-51.


3. Regeneration of the natural systems: allowing the soil to recover from the impact of the cultivation.

  Apart from stimulate the regeneration of the soil, hydroponics involves a saving of the space of the crops. Vertical mobile gutter systems allow for an optimization of the density and maximum production per hectare.

HS Lifting System for Strawberry

  Thus, the application of these three principles of the Circular Economy in an effective manner will lead to a more controlled environment with a reduction of the resources and therefore of costs, as well as better productivity and quality of the product. /vc_column_text]


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