Hydroponic Systems at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024: An Unforgettable Success


Hydroponic Systems at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024: An Unforgettable Success

The GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 fair has been an exceptional event for Hydroponic Systems. During these days, we have enjoyed incredible moments with suppliers, customers, partners and distributors, strengthening our relationships and sharing our passion for agricultural innovation.

New Agricultural Development Opportunities

GreenTech has provided us with a perfect platform to explore and realize new agricultural development opportunities around the world. We have had promising discussions about installing our gutter systems with Spacer, a solution designed for efficient drainage collection, eliminating root diseases and boosting crop development. This product has been successfully tested in thousands of greenhouses globally, and its effectiveness continues to attract producers interested in optimizing their agricultural operations.

Evolution Metal Gutter System: The Star of the Event

Among the many innovations we introduced, our Evolution metal gutter system has been the center of attention. This system continues to dominate the market thanks to its robustness, durability and superior drainage capacity. Visitors were impressed with the features and benefits Evolution offers, reaffirming its position as a leader in high-quality hydroponics solutions.

The enthusiasm and positive reception we have received at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 strengthens our commitment to continue providing cutting-edge agricultural solutions. We thank everyone who visited us at our stand and those who showed interest in our technologies. We are excited about the new collaborations and projects that emerged at this show and look forward to continuing to innovate in the field of hydroponics.

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