Hydroponics: advantages over traditional cultivation


Hydroponics: advantages over traditional cultivation

A common question is: why grow crops soilless with hydroponic crops? What are the advantages of this type of crop?

Well, here you have a few reasons:


This cultivation technique has, among other advantages, the obtainment of greater production and higher quality, which is why higher yields are obtained per hectare. Hydroponic crops in a greenhouse are the most intensive and most productive way of production and because of that, you get higher profitability than with conventional agriculture. With the hydroponic technique, you can produce more with less (less surface, less water, less phytosanitary products, etc.).


Monoculture and intensive agriculture cause a depletion in the soils, their salinization and a high presence of pathogens (nematodes, fungi, bacteria) that make production difficult or impossible. Hydroponic crops make it possible to produce in areas where the soil does not allow it and in places where the climatic conditions are not the most favourable, since we can implement the necessary technology inside the greenhouse to be able to produce (lighting, heating, humidification, carbonic fertilization, etc.).

• Hydroponic crops allow a significant WATER SAVING
Currently, it is essential to implement techniques that lead us to an economization of increasingly scarce water resources. The technique of hydroponic cultivation, given its high level of technology, allows only the necessary water to be consumed, minimizing all types of losses and providing only the necessary amount of water.

• Hydroponic crops are FEWER CONTAMINANTS
Hydroponic crops allow the collection of drainage from irrigation, which is a less polluting method for the environment since there is no percolation of the irrigation waters used. These contain among other substances, Nitrogen; therefore, they are a source of contamination of groundwater and ecosystems. In addition, when we produce in a hydroponic greenhouse we can control the populations of pests and thus be able to fight them with non-chemical methods, with biological control, and as a result, our productions are more respectful of the environment and with the consumer.

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