The best hydroponic equipment supplier


The best hydroponic equipment supplier

We can help you to make your crops grow stronger and healthier. A good hydroponic equipment supplier will make your business more productive and profitable.

Hydroponics is a technique that makes it possible to grow crops without soil in a greenhouse. This has multiple advantages, such as getting healthy food like fruits and vegetables much closer to cities, reducing the carbon footprint and transportation costs.

Are you looking for a hydroponic equipment supplier from the USA, Australia, Korea, France, Italy or the United Kingdom? From another country? Do you want your business to be easier to control and more profitable economically?

Ok, read on.

Your hydroponic equipment supplier anywhere in the world

Distance is no longer a problem. Our hydroponic systems can reach any part of the world in just a few days, so from the first contact to the beginning of the installation will take as little time as possible. You can immediately benefit from all the features of these units with Spacer, whose results improve production by up to 5% according to research from a prestigious university centre in North America.

“The extra kilos achieved in production are because the plants produce more quantity and better crops if they have healthy and vigorous roots“, says the Head Grower of this organization.

According to the research, this increase in production is because “the loss of plants throughout the cycle is greatly reduced due to the reduction in root diseases and to the fact that there is greater aeration and better oxygenation“.

Forget about plant diseases using our growing systems

Diseases, pests, rotten roots, viruses, spotted fruits, dry leaves… Too many problems for a life project that can run like clockwork with just a few small changes.

It is possible to improve the health of crops and make them more resistant to the appearance of diseases by using substrate growing systems on Spacer and with drainage channels placed at the perfect distance to increase aeration, improve oxygenation and avoid contact with possible sources of disease.

We have specialized systems for certain fruits. For example, a farmer who works with tomatoes will be able to count on a system adapted to his needs. Another farmer who works with strawberries will have highly qualified units designed exclusively for this fruit to be the best.

Flexibility is important for any supplier of hydroponic systems like us, so we are able to adapt our products to the needs of any customer.

Having said all the above…


It’s time to find your perfect hydroponic equipment supplier:

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Our products can be found in greenhouses in some fourty countries around the world. Thanks to the growing systems we have been able to increase the production of many of these customers, who do a fantastic job and get the most out of it.

Be one of them: contact us free of charge and without obligation by filling out the form.

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