Hydroponic Systems to present its new products at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference


Hydroponic Systems to present its new products at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference

  • The company will showcase its latest development: a growing system for strawberries in pots on a metal trough that promotes the reduction of the use of plastics
  • It will also be showing systems from the rest of its catalogue for all types of crops, from tomatoes to blueberries, peppers, flowers and even medical cannabis
  • The company will be located at stand 236

The Canadian Greenhouse Conference, a meeting point for the North American agricultural sector, will be held in Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) on 5 and 6 October. The Spanish company Hydroponic Systems will travel there to present its new products, including the HS Evolution Pot unit: a hydroponic system for growing strawberries in pots on a metal gutter that guarantees the reduction in the use of plastics and the cost associated with both the purchase of the substrate and the removal of the same at the end of the production cycles.

In addition, the company will show visitors the rest of its catalogue, which includes other hydroponic growing systems, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated thanks to various independent studies carried out by clients and informative bodies: production using Hydroponic Systems’ products increases in total quantity by between 5% and 12% compared to the hanging and elevated growing units of other competing companies.

These success rates are largely due to the use of a product patented worldwide by Hydroponic Systems. This is the SPACER, an ingenious piece that raises the roots high enough to allow drainage and moisture to circulate beneath them without any possibility of contact. In addition, it has a precise structure, which slightly raises the crops while guaranteeing a maximum surface area for placing the substrate bags and allowing them access to aeration and oxygenation.

This is part of all the systems, including those on the ground, in which customers all over the world are already growing blueberries, tomatoes and other high-yielding crops.

To learn more about these innovative, yield-enhancing and cost-saving systems, members of Hydroponic Systems will be visiting the Canadian Greenhouse Conference on 5 and 6 October, and can be visited at stand 236.

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