Hydroponic Systems & RGH form new alliance

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Hydroponic Systems & RGH form new alliance

The Mexican greenhouse surface keeps expanding. This, plus the increased interest in greenhouse cultivation in neighbouring countries made the RGH Consulting Group decide to form a strategic partnership for the distribution and installation of Hydroponic Systems greenhouse gutters and drainage solutions throughout Central America.

The collaboration between both companies will make the drainage systems and solutions available to growers in Mexico and other Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

According to Vahid Bagheri of Hydroponic Systems, Mauricio Ricaud’s RGH Consulting Group is a perfect partner for the development of these markets. “Mauricio has extensive knowledge on how to improve greenhouse cultivation with efficient technology and supplies. From low to medium and high tech, Maurici knows exactly what is the best solution in any kind of situation. Our product fits right in his portfolio in order to offer his customers a broad solution that fits such a specific situation.”

Both parties expect a lot from the central American market; they explained that a lot of investments enter the greenhouse industry, and especially the Mexican greenhouse surface keeps expanding. “The RGH consulting group already has achieved good results with new and existing growers, helping them to set up an operation from scratch, bringing together the right technology partners”, Bagheri said. “We look forward to working with them offering our drainage control systems, a solution that helps RGH’s customers to cut fertilizer expenses by 30% and decrease labour costs by 25-30%.”

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