Spacers, uniformity and surface area: why irrigation and nutrients should be well distributed in substrate bags


Spacers, uniformity and surface area: why irrigation and nutrients should be well distributed in substrate bags

The use of Spacers in protected cultivation has become popular in recent years due to the multiple benefits it brings to the development of plants. Among these advantages is the equal distribution of water and nutrients throughout the bag, thus ensuring that the roots can grow and produce optimally. Otherwise, the plants run the risk of developmental delays, choking, diseases…

 Spacer with a flat shape for the correct distribution

The homogeneous distribution of water within the growing bag ensures that all root parts of the plant have access to the same amount of irrigation and nutrients. This is important because, for proper growth, the roots need a constant and uniform supply. If this is not the case, some parts will receive too much moisture and others too little, leading to a deterioration of the plant and its fruit, and even death. Also, fungi or bacteria may develop, which will damage the plant and rob it of nutrients.

As a general rule, vegetable growing bags have drippers on the centre line and drainage holes on the sidelines, so that water runs through the entire bag and water is distributed to the roots. All this can be lost if the bag drains along the same line or point and keeps the rest of its surface dry or less moist.

Thus, the use of the Hydroponic Systems Spacer under the substrate bag helps to maintain uniform moisture throughout the bag. Being flat in shape, it provides the minimum contact surface and height necessary to prevent the plant roots from coming into contact with the leachatesd. This helps prevent disease by reducing the risk of roots becoming infected with bacteria and other pathogens that may be present in the drains.

Other advantages of using the Hydroponic Systems Spacer

In addition to preventing disease, the use of the Spacer also helps to promote better aeration of plant roots. One of the reasons for root choking is excessive moisture inside the substrate bag, as well as waterlogging. The use of the Spacer facilitates the perfect drainage of the bags and therefore reduces root diseases in the area.

In general, moisture uniformity within a hydroponic grow bag and the use of a Spacer are important factors in ensuring the health and growth of plants when using a hydroponic substrate system. By providing homogenous moisture and nutrients, and promoting healthy aeration between the roots, optimal conditions for plant growth are created.

For good plant health, improved yield and disease prevention, it is important that the roots of the plant have an adequate and uniform water-air balance and that water saturation in certain areas is avoided.

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