More air equals more fruits in strawberry growing


More air equals more fruits in strawberry growing

The cultivation of strawberries is the most important one of the berries that are so popular in the recent times. Its high content in vitamin C and antioxidants makes its consumption continue to rise year after year.

In recent years, strawberry crops have been technified to improve the quantity and quality of the productions obtained. The protected cultivation of strawberries in the greenhouse and on substrates like coconut fiber allows to get better control on the variables of the crop in terms of temperature, humidity and fertilization.

The root system of the strawberry plant is very sensitive to moisture excess, which is why when strawberries are grown in bags of substrate, it is very important that no water logging or water accumulation occurs.

That is  Hydroponic Systems designed a system to develop optimal cultivation of the strawberries: the Strawberry System.

“Our Strawberry System is a complete drainage collection system that provides many advantages compared with other channel systems”, María Giménez with Hydroponic Systems explains.

The most important part of the Strawberry System is the Spacer Elevated. “The unique design of this piece increases aeration between the substrate and the drainages, providing the best environment for the strawberry root development allowing it to reach its maximum development.”

In addition, thanks to the Spacer Elevated, the roots of the strawberry will never leave the bag. “They have enough aeration and will not come into contact with the drainages, eliminating the risk of having root diseases and infections along the crop.”

The system is formed by a metallic lattice channel covered internally by a 0.7 mm thick white polypropylene gutter, to collect the drainages. It has supports specially designed to give the channel an optimal height for the handwork that strawberry requires. It has a lid at the end of the line that allows to collect efficiently all the drainage from irrigation.

“In the design of the system we’ve put great effort in the usability”, Maria explains. “The Strawberry System allows to adjust the slope and thus have an optimum flow of the drains. The installation is very simple – you won’t need tools or special machinery. The same goes for disinfection; disassembling the components is not necessary.”

“All in all”, she continues, “thanks to the decrease in diseases and the increased crop development and production, the cost-benefit relation is ecxellent, as well as the ROI. Having the challenges faced by growers in mind, this is what we aim for.”


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