Presence of Hydroponic Systems in the National Strawberry Festival of Jinan


Presence of Hydroponic Systems in the National Strawberry Festival of Jinan

Hydroponic Systems International had the pleasure of join as a guest of honor the National Strawberry Festival in Jinan, China, last December, in order to share the most recent trends in technology currently working in Europe.

This is the first symposium specialized in strawberry held on China. The area around the city of Jinan – with 9 million citizens and 100 million in the total of the region – is well-known in the country for agricultural production and more specifically for its strawberry production.

The regional government also invited several teachers and doctors specialized in strawberry crops from universities in Japan and South Korea, who shared their experience and technical advances on irrigation, fertilization, different varieties and their characteristics and additionally on grow indoor.

We were able to share the international experience with strawberry crop projects and how it had been proven that yields can be improved through indoor technology and hydroponics, substantially improving production density, expanding the crop production framework and the quality of the fruit. In addition, we could reduce the cost by minimizing losses on the one hand, and lowering production costs on the other hand.

During the visit we were able to know the methods, customs and abilities available to them for the cultivation of strawberries in this region and the quality of their production first-hand. We were surprised by the quality of the strawberry and the Japanese varieties, specifically the white strawberry or “white soul”. This particular pineberry with a mixture of flavor between pineapple and strawberry felt very interesting because of how well is working in this area to achieve a traditional method: good texture, solidity and flavor.

The level of competitiveness is very high among local producers and current productivity is no longer enough. This is where Hydroponic Systems International offers a solution to professionalize the sector with a profitable business model.

Considering the characteristics of the market, the solution is simple, flexible and very suitable to take the step towards a more professionalized agriculture with higher yields and above all, suitable for those who are new and want to be introduced on the hydroponic’s world.


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