Our hydroponic drainage collection systems are perfectly adapted to the requirements of each crop. We offer specific and customized systems, guiding you at all times to analyse your needs.


Hydroponic Systems has systems specifically designed so that vegetable crops grow in the most optimal and efficient way possible. Our various systems adapt perfectly to different crops such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, etc. and their varieties, achieving the best quality, production and saving of water and phytosanitary consumption.

Soft fruits or berries

The systems created by Hydroponic Systems help to obtain a crop of higher quality and quantity. In this section we have systems specifically designed for the cultivation of strawberries and other berries, which will facilitate the harvesting tasks, achieve an optimal cultivation slope, increase the density of the cultivation, and improve its quality.

All Strawberry and Hanging systems as well as Lifting and Swinging systems have a design that allow to reduce labour costs (of paramount importance in countries with very high labour costs or with difficulties to find labourers), by raising the channel to an optimal height for workers.

If you have another type of crop, contact us, our technical team will be happy to help you!.

Leafy greens and herbs

For green leafy and herb farmers who want a healthy and top-quality crop, we can offer different systems where the crop will grow healthy, disease-free and pathogenic-free thanks to our Spacers. Thanks to them, we will achieve, among others, a good aeration between the substrate bag and the drainage flow, an optimal circulation of the drainage, moisture removal under the substrate that may accumulate, decrease the proliferation of diseases between plants in the same line, and prevent the roots of the crop from leaving the bag.

Cut flowers

For this type of cultivation Hydroponic Systems offers different types of systems that make your flowers grow with higher quality and density. In order to do so, we have designed various soil systems adaptable to each of the needs of the farmer and the crop.

Medicinal cannabis

Hydroponic Systems, hand in hand with its technical and design team, follows the trends that set the market at all times. Scientific research has shown how hydroponics is a key technique in the production of Medicinal Cannabis plants under greenhouses.

Our hydroponics systems allow the plant to grow with a good root development, totally healthy and strong, thus achieving a first quality product.

Our systems are designed to support the weight of the potted cannabis plant (even large ones such as 40-liter pots).


For other types of cultivation, please contact us through our phone number or web form, our team of professionals will be happy to assist you and guide you.

The experience accumulated in projects installed in more than 30 countries, hand in hand with our clients, gives us the opportunity to share it in new projects and take it as the basis for the development and evolution of our solutions for hydroponic crops.

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