Tomato in hydroponic greenhouse


Tomato in hydroponic greenhouse

Hydroponics is a young technique that it has been developing and evolving for the last 60 years. One of the main crops that receives excellent results with the use of this type of method is the tomato crop. Hydroponic tomato cultivation under a greenhouse requires a high initial investment: the greenhouse construction and the hydroponic systems.

However, excellent benefits are collected. Let’s see what they are:

If we make a comparison between greenhouse tomato cultivation with hydroponic irrigation systems and open-air tomato cultivation, we can observe enormous differences.

For example, the significant saving in water up to 90% in comparison to traditional systems and in the consumption of agrochemicals. On the other hand, it is possible to produce food of high nutritional quality in less time and less space for cultivation.

cultivo de tomate en invernadero

Hydroponic Systems offers hydroponic recollection systems for growing tomatoes in different modalities, soil level systems and elevated systems. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of the Spacer, a separator that allows the raise of the substrate bag and avoids all the contact with the drainage flow, additional advantages are achieved over the rest of the systems on the market. Among them, greater cleaning and hygiene in the finished product, optimal drainage circulation under the substrate bags, which it supports firmly and evenly.

In addition, it prevents the roots of the plants from coming into contact with the soil or the humidity of the carcass and transferring or contracting diseases along the same crop line.

The Spacer helps to reduce the loss of plants during the production cycle and achieves a considerable increase in both quality and quantity.

Also, with the use of hydroponic tomato cultivation systems, the need to level the ground is avoided, allowing production without dependence on the soil. Therefore, allowing us to produce anywhere and at any time of the year.

In conclusion, it can be seen that hydroponics is an advanced and efficient technique that allows us to supply quality fresh fruit and vegetables from anywhere without having to depend on soil conditions.

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