About us

About us

Hydroponic Systems: at the forefront of innovation

Hydroponic Systems is the answer to a question. Years of experience have shown us that some of the biggest problems for growers are root diseases, excess humidity or fungi, which cause them huge economic losses every year. How could we improve their experience?

Hydroponic Systems was born with the idea of helping growers to anticipate present and future adversities. That is why, given our restless nature, we are constantly innovating in search of ever more advanced hydroponic drainage systems that solve problems and optimise space, thus avoiding diseases and economic losses.

Mission: We help farmers to grow longer lasting, higher quality crops through our deep commitment to innovation and the development of optimal and efficient solutions.

Vision: Our vision is to be the most important ally of farmers, achieving, thanks to our innovative gene, to maximise their crops and avoid unnecessary diseases and losses.


Innovation, anticipation, transformation.