The best blueberries with Hydropot System


The best blueberries with Hydropot System

In the last years the demand for berries and especially for blueberries by consumers has been increasing, which has led into an increase in this crop’s cultivated area.
To improve the production of cranberry crops and to supply the growing demand, the cultivation techniques have been improved, being the main one the obtaining of blueberries through systems without soil or hydroponics.

Growing blueberries with a hydroponic system allows:
• Increase the cultivation density of plants.
• Greater rootedness and growth.
• Control the factors of growth (water, nutrition, etc.)
• Control in cleaning and hygiene.
• Avoid problems of diseases of soil pathogens.
• Increase in production and of higher quality.
• Control of productive periods.

In this sense, at Hydroponic Systems we always want to be close to farmers and producers offering the best and most innovative solutions to achieve efficient control of drainages in hydroponic crops.

We present one of our latest systems, specially designed and manufactured for the cultivation of blueberry, HYDROPOT SYSTEM. This system allows to obtain all the advantages of our systems but now also for blueberries, such as:
• Optimum aeration between the substrate and drains
• Prevents root exit from the substrate and its contact with drainage
• Production of higher quality and quantity
• Excellent cost-benefit ratio
• Easy installation and disinfection
• Efficient drainage circulation
• Decrease in diseases

The HYDROPOT SYSTEM system has the following elements:
• Virgin polypropylene gutter in black with additives for UV protection, development (6.2 + 34 + 6.2) and thickness 0.7 mm.
• Spacer Hydropot. Exclusive piece with a surface of 30×30 cm and a height of 6 cm that allows a perfect support of the pot and / or sack of culture at the same time that its height ensures that there is sufficient ventilation between the substrate and the drainages, with this blueberries roots remain inside the substrate, which prevents from diseases proliferation and infections.
• Clips: the clips allow to hold the gutter + Spacer assembly and hold the irrigation pipe if desired.

The essential and exclusive part of the system is the SPACER HYDROPOT and comes out of the need to improve the drainage conditions of the blueberry crop. In this way, it has evolved from having the pot resting directly on the ground, then different supports have been used (such as polystyrene or bricks) until our SPACER HYDROPOT. Bricks or polystyrene do not allow aeration between the substrate and the drains and as a consequence the roots leave the substrate. In addition, due to its porous nature, fungi, bacteria and algae (potentially dangerous) proliferate. Due to this evolution and to avoid all these problems, the design of our SPACER HYDROPOT is reached.

You can purchase the complete system or the SPACER HYDROPOT separately. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at