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HS Evolution System


HS Evolution System



Evolution System

Our new system, HS EVOLUTION (Gutter System) has been designed by Hydroponic Systems aiming to shock the elevated hydroponic crops market.

It presents a unique advantage: the addition of the Elevated Spacer to ensure a space between the base of the gutter and the growbag. This endows the crop with greater aeration, as well as providing the minimum horizontal surface necessary to homogeneously place the bag, allowing it to drain efficiently. This piece does not lose its shape over time, guaranteeing high durability and performance.

The system comes with clips to place and fix the irrigation tube, as well as the Elevated Out-Flow  to redirect the drainage.

Among the benefits it has is:

  • Higher aeration between the substrate and the gutter.
  • Prevents the roots from exiting the bag and coming into contact with leachates, improving the drainage circulation and preventing moisture accumulation.
  • Increased root development.
  • Prevention of the proliferation and transmission of root diseases, allowing to lengthen production cycles and have a higher yield.
HS Elevated Spacer
- Single measurement 23,5cm x 100cm
- Ref. 020002
Metal Gutter
- Steel gutter covered with zinc and polyester paint
- Ref. 110922
Elevated Clip
- Ref. 030005
Elevated Out-Flow
- Ref. 040006

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