Combatting plant diseases with effective methods


Combatting plant diseases with effective methods

The best way to fight crop diseases is to avoid them. Hydroponic Systems’ drainage systems reduce the chance of them appearing, a big problem for growers

Combating plant diseases and pests is a challenge faced every day by growers worldwide. It is a challenge to overcome not only for the health of millions of crops but also to avoid the economic loss that this entails.

One of the most typical and annoying are diseases that plants suffer from at their roots. They can occur for many reasons, but it is usually due to lack of aeration, contact with humidity and waterlogging after irrigation, or even drainage residues from other diseased plants. Problems like these are all too common and ruin many production lines.

Although there are many ways to combat plant diseases, the best of all is to prevent them before from appearing.

So there are solutions to prevent the arrival of plant diseases and pests

A device developed by Hydroponic Systems is designed to improve the growing experience of growers through innovation and product development. The most important element is the Spacer, launched a few years ago. Its models, combined with different types of channels, among other elements, form optimal and efficient drainage systems that make the appearance of root diseases very difficult.

These drainage systems have saved the lives of millions of crops around the world. Additionally, they can increase production by up to 5% due to increased oxygenation, aeration and thermal insulation. This is because humidity and diseases are kept away.

There are many examples of satisfied growers. Hydroponic Systems has taken its products to many countries around the world, like the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Italy…

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