Hydroponic Spacer, the solution to Crazy Roots


Hydroponic Spacer, the solution to Crazy Roots

Among the many diseases that can affect the root zone of the plant, bacterial diseases stand out for being potentially very harmful..

The main problem of these diseases is that there is no effective control of them through chemical treatments, so once the disease takes place it causes severe damage to the crop, reducing production and quality.

The most effective way to avoid the negative impact of this type of disease on our crop is through preventive measures, such as preventing the disease from occurring

An example of this is the disease known as Crazy Roots caused by the bacterium Agrobacterium rhizogenes or Rhizobium rhizogenes. This microorganism modifies the DNA of the plant causing it to have excessive root growth. It is noticeable an excessively vegetative plant and the formation of the fruit is also affected.

To prevent infection of this pathogen we must have very strict hygienic measures for both inside and outside the greenhouse with disinfection protocols for everything that will be or has been in contact with the crop.

Experience has shown that in addition to hygiene measures, it is very effective to avoid contact between plant roots and canals for collecting drains.

Placing a Hydroponic Systems Spacer on the drainage collection channel, either plastic or metal, we achieve the perfect height to prevent the roots from coming out the bag and being in contact with the drains.

HS Spacer Premium

Premium systems on elevated gutter

In addition, provides an exceptional support for the culture bag allowing it to hydrate evenly and drain optimally. It also facilitates that the collection of drains at the end of the line is done more efficiently, allowing a better reuse of the nutrient solution from the drainage.

Hydroponic Systems Spacer Premium

An effective way to avoid Crazy Roots in greenhouse tomato crops is to incorporate a Premium Hydroponic Systems Spacer into our crops.

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