Grower in Uzbekistan boosts production with hanging system

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Grower in Uzbekistan boosts production with hanging system

Drainage collection channels are a fundamental part of the hydroponic growing system in high-tech greenhouses like the one at Premium Agro in Uzbekistan. These gutters allow for the efficient collection and removal of excess nutrients and water from the growing substrate, which helps maintain a healthy environment for the plants and avoid problems such as excess moisture and salt buildup.

This 2.4-hectare greenhouse incorporates hanging gutters for cucumber cultivation. With these, the growers have achieved a yield of 30kg/m2 in just six months in 2022.

In hydroponic cucumber growing, it is especially important to have an efficient drainage system, as this plant is very sensitive to excess moisture and can develop diseases such as root rot if it is in too wet an environment. Drainage collection channels allow you to control the water level in the growing substrate and maintain optimum humidity for plant growth.

In addition, these channels also facilitate the application of nutrients and fertilizers in hydroponic cultivation, as they allow direct delivery of nutrient solutions to the plant roots. This maximizes nutrient use efficiency and minimizes the amount of nutrients lost in the growing substrate.

In conclusion, drainage collection channels are an essential tool in hydroponic cucumber cultivation, and their proper implementation and maintenance can help maximize crop yield and quality. By combining these channels with high-tech technologies such as HPS lighting and the addition of liquid C02, high quality cucumber production in large quantities can be obtained, as was achieved in the Uzbekistan project.