These Spanish systems are ideal for growing strawberries in substrate

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These Spanish systems are ideal for growing strawberries in substrate

Hydroponic Systems has specific models focused on this fruit, of which more than 8 million tonnes are produced every year. They include the innovative and revolutionary Spacer, a unique and patented part that is already present in greenhouses all over the world

Since its inception in 2014, Hydroponic Systems has introduced several drainage systems for specific crop types that have improved the success rates of growers around the world. One of these models is the patented HS Evolution System, which, according to field results from various customers, is capable of achieving a yield of up to 1.4 kg of strawberries per plant (in the Murano and Prize varieties) thanks to the combination of its elements: metallic channel, the elevated out-flow through which the drainage leaves the system and the Spacer Elevated, a piece designed by the R&D&I department of the company from Murcia, which guarantees the minimum and necessary surface area of contact with the substrate bags containing the roots of the plants, at the same time as it creates an optimum space under them to favour aeration, oxygenation and drainage circulation.

Its pre-lacquered metal channel is also coated on the inside with a protective layer to guarantee its resistance to oxidation and drainage, making it highly durable, so that long-term savings and yields are greater.

In all cases, having the Spacer improves the performance of drainage systems, as it favours strawberry development at its maximum levels while preventing roots from coming into contact with moisture or root diseases that damage production. In addition, recent research has shown that it encourages oxygenation of the roots, which results in a higher percentage of production per plant. Specifically, according to Centro Universitario Ceickor, between 3% and 5%. By eliminating these typical and annoying root health problems in crops, the farmer is able to comply with the planned cycle without surprises and obtain greater profitability.

Experts design the systems after observing and asking farmers about their root problems.

In addition, HS Evolution Strawberry can be hung or buried in the ground using poles to achieve the right height for easy harvesting, a correct slope for effective and efficient drainage.

Solutions for all crops

Hydroponic Systems is a Spanish company whose drainage systems for hydroponic or substrate crops are at the global forefront of the agricultural services market. Its systems have already reached a multitude of countries, from the United Kingdom to Japan, Mexico, France, Morocco, Thailand and the United States, among others.

The company specialises in designing specific systems for optimal crop growth. Moreover, it can also adapt to tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, many types of lettuce, flowers, and even medical cannabis, one of the most popular options. Every year, more and more growers around the world choose Hydroponic Systems for their drainage systems on which to place their plants for optimal and profitable development.

Both in the field and in the factory

Hydroponic Systems has a fully operational profiling machine to work on our customers’ farms, as can be seen in the picture. This is a project of 100,000 linear metres of HS Evolution System for a Spanish customer who plans to grow strawberries.

However, the company works in the same way, sending the gutters already profiled from its factory to any country in the world.