A Japanese grower increases his production using our Hanging system

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A Japanese grower increases his production using our Hanging system

In his first experience growing the Beni Hoppe strawberry variety, he has already obtained a higher yield than the expected average

A Japanese farmer growing Beni Hoppe strawberries in his first production has obtained a total amount of 7.9 tons per 1,000 m2 in his greenhouse thanks to the use of Hydroponic Systems troughs hung from the roof of his facility. This is almost one ton more than the average soil yield of this type of fruit in Japan, which is about seven tons per 1,000 m2.

This farmer located in Japan has faced his first agricultural experience with strawberry betting on the Hanging system, on which they have grown almost 23,000 kilos of this fruit in just over 27,000 plants.

These results confirm the success of the professional production and drainage systems that Hydroponic Systems have brought to greenhouses in forty countries in recent years. They also support the research carried out by Ceickor University Center, which indicates that Hydroponic Systems’ Spacer units increase crop yields by around 5%, although in the case of this Japanese grower it was more than 12% over the average yield of the Beni Hoppe strawberry variety in soil.

The system that has obtained such good results in Japan consists of a channel on which the Spacer Elevated is placed. This combination, together with the Out-flow and the fastening clips, provides the roots of the crops with very high aeration and oxygenation, as well as keeping them away from drainage and, therefore, from diseases and pests. Thus, they are healthier and stronger to produce more and higher quality fruit.

This customer was so pleased with the performance of the Spacer on our old lattice trunking that he is already thinking about upgrading to the next level by installing the Evolution system.


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