Soilless and with extra profit: how strawberry yields in Mexico and Japan increase using substrate bags, Spacers and metal gutters


Soilless and with extra profit: how strawberry yields in Mexico and Japan increase using substrate bags, Spacers and metal gutters

  • Hydroponic Systems markets units for strawberry cultivation that prevent root diseases and improve the quantity and quality of the plantation
  • A Japanese strawberry grower increases his yields by 12% in just a few months after installing one of these systems
  • Researchers in Mexico confirm that the total yield increases by 3-5% in productions using Hydroponic Systems’ Spacer and metal trough

International customers and researchers have demonstrated that the substrate cultivation units marketed by Hydroponic Systems improve the production capacity of the plantations in which they are installed. These systems incorporate drainage collection channels with Spacers, pieces that raise the roots a few centimetres, protecting them from contact with waterlogging and humidity, and guaranteeing good health.

In this way, the plants grow healthy and strong, giving rise to higher yields. Specifically, between 3% and 12% of extra, quantities have been tested and which, according to the company itself, can be even higher.

Specifically, Mexican growers noted a few months ago that the use of the systems with Spacer and metal channel improved between 3% and 5% on the cultivation units in similar substrates on the market. In addition, the difference between growing in soil, in the traditional way, and growing on cultivation lines is more than 12% extra, as demonstrated this summer by a Japanese strawberry grower who obtained this increase in his first experience. We think the figure could be even higher.

A patented system with an easy payback

Hydroponic Systems found that the big problem with bagged substrate crops was diseases caused by root drainage, waterlogging and the resulting excessive moisture. These infestations cause huge economic losses even today.

To solve this problem, the Spacer, a piece on which the substrate bags are placed and which raises them by a few centimetres, was devised. With a minimal contact surface, it prevents the substrate from remaining wet, and if the roots grow and break through the bag, they do not touch the drainage. The Spacer combines with drainage collection channels to form systems capable of saving water and fertiliser, which again translates into reduced costs and increased profits.

Strawberry specialists
Strawberries are one of the crops that have more benefits growing in hydroponic systems. We market three units specially designed for strawberries and capable of adapting to any type of greenhouse and investment capacity. One of them combines a Spacer anchored to a metal lattice and a polypropylene channel, another uses the same Spacer with a metal channel, which is the best option in its catalogue, and the third and most recent one combines a pot on a narrow metal channel that allows the use of customised substrate and increases planting density. Any of these options enhance the results of each strawberry growing cycle, something that can be verified by asking the company for samples of its products.