Interview with our client Ottone Marco


Interview with our client Ottone Marco

Interview with Ottone Marco, a tomato producer from the company Az. Agr. Ottone Marco located in the Italian region of Sicily and whose production is intended for the production of tomato crops. With their firm they sell directly tomatoes all over italian market. It is one of the many clients who trust on the Hydroponic Systems solutions. He has allowed us to interview him to continue evaluating the good results derived from the use of our systems.

Sistema de cultivo hydroponic

What type of Systems did you use before the HS Premium System?

Before using the Premium System, we used a classic polystyrene container system.

How long have you been using our system?

We have been using the Premium System from Hydroponic Systems for 4 years in our crops.

What are the main advantages that you have seen in the system?

We could say that the main advantages of this system are the reduction of humidity in the substrate bag, since thanks to the Spacer Premium piece that acts by raising the substrate bag, the roots do not leave the bag, preventing them from coming into contact with the gutter’s drainage, resulting in fewer root diseases.

Was the system easy to install?

We installed it many years ago, but I remember that the first time it took us a little longer, because we had to understand how it was installed. A Technical Sheet is sent with the system with the instructions to follow, so we built a team and installed it quickly.

Why did you decide to use the system?

I decided to use the Premium System from Hydroponic Systems since I observed that with this system cleaner and drier growing rows were achieved, avoiding stagnant water or puddles in the greenhouse, it is very good!

What do you think about the Spacer?

The Spacer Premium piece lifts the substrate bag from the drainage that flows over the gutter and allows the roots to aerate, allowing, as I mentioned above, that the installation is cleaner and that the roots grow healthier. I’m very happy.

Cultivo de tomates con sistema hydroponic

Would you buy the HYDROPONIC system again for new installations?

Yes, of course, we would buy it for new installations and we will replace the old one in the future with the purchase of a new system.

Do you have a better control root diseases?

Yes, they are better controlled thanks to the fact that the roots are not in contact with drainage, also avoiding the spread of diseases between the same line.

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