Mobile hydroponic strawberry growing in the U.S.

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Mobile hydroponic strawberry growing in the U.S.

This is an exciting success story from the United States. Hydroponic Systems demonstrated its excellence by installing innovative cultivation and drainage systems in a greenhouse dedicated to strawberry production. Aiming to improve efficiency and increase production, three key systems were implemented that made a difference in crop yield.

The first of these systems was the “Swinging“, an innovative channel hung from the greenhouse ceiling with lateral mobility. This solution made it possible to generate corridors between the crop rows as labour was carried out, thus increasing planting density. Thanks to this feature, a greenhouse with this mobile system can accommodate up to 105,000 plants per hectare, achieving an exceptional yield.

In addition, the “Lifting” system was incorporated into another part of the greenhouse, which operated vertically, allowing the height of the lines to be adjusted according to the specific lighting needs of the plants or depending on the work performed. This flexibility provided an optimal environment for strawberry growth and facilitated maintenance and harvesting.

In another area, the floor system with Spacer and polypropylene channel was adopted, an ideal combination to optimize drainage collection and substrate distribution. Each space was equipped with 5 rows, ensuring an environment conducive to healthy plant development and consistent and abundant production.

The impact of these Spacer cultivation and drainage systems in the greenhouse was remarkable. Strawberry production reached large quantities with exceptional quality, positioning the company as a prominent leader in the U.S. market. The use of these systems maximized profits through increased production while reducing costs associated with irrigation water and fertigation.

This success story highlights the importance of innovative and efficient solutions for greenhouse agriculture. Hydroponic Systems has once again demonstrated its ability to drive the success of its customers and contribute to the development of sustainable, high-performance agriculture. With its focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, Hydroponic Systems continues to be a benchmark in the industry, providing solutions that make a difference in agricultural production globally.

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