Professional hydroponics: how to get more for less


Professional hydroponics: how to get more for less

European growers rely on professional drainage systems for hydroponic and substrate crops developed by Hydroponic Systems

Did you know that there are professional hydroponic drainage systems in Europe that can boost crop growth and make farming businesses more profitable?

Hydroponic Systems systems are the best way to do this. They are specially designed sets for different types of crops and greenhouses. The substrate bags are placed on them, creating a space underneath them through which the surplus hydroponic irrigation escapes without touching the roots. This frees them from contact with humidity and diseases, while at the same time providing them with the aeration and oxygenation they need to grow stronger and healthier.

Our professional hydroponic drainage systems make growing easy and efficient, allowing growers worldwide to produce much larger harvests by avoiding the perennial headache of root diseases. In addition, hydroponic crops are grown on our top quality materials, whose durability is high, favouring savings in maintenance. With hydroponic drainage systems in your greenhouse, there is nothing to stop you from turning it into a very profitable business.

Reasons why it is profitable to use hydroponic systems:

1. Some techniques increase production by 30% to 50%.
2. Production can be accelerated, grown at any time of the year and in non-fertile soil.
3. Water savings of approximately 80% can be achieved.
4. Reduces the use of agrochemicals and labour costs.

In addition, farmers and consultants in Mexico have obtained surprising results from research carried out with our company’s professional hydroponic drainage systems. These experts have found that production can be increased even more, between 3% and 5% per plant compared to other sets.

Hydroponic drainage systems in Europe: success story

Growers all over the world are already using Hydroponic Systems’ products in their greenhouses, thus improving their business. This is the case, for example, of Jean Klieber, a Central European entrepreneur (Les Jardins du Rottweg) who has been using our HS Bulk System since 2019, thanks to which he has managed to pursue his life’s dream despite the fact that the soil in his hometown was not conducive to it. You can read the full story by clicking here.

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