“These systems increase production yields compared to soil cultivation”

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“These systems increase production yields compared to soil cultivation”

Jean Klieber is a French farmer who grows fruit and vegetables in greenhouses for his company, Les Jardins du Rottweg.

Two years ago he installed the HS Bulk System, a bulk system for hydroponic growing in substrate. His dream since childhood was to devote his life to agriculture in his hometown Mertzwiller, but the lack of rich soil to grow crops there made things difficult for him and pushed him to look for other solutions. And he found Hydroponic Systems: “I am very satisfied with this system, I can grow in a location that suffers from poor soil,” says Klieber.

But the French farmer also discovered that the HS Bulk System, on which he placed his plantation, allowed him to “increase the yield compared to soil cultivation. Also, one of the most important things for me is that the water footprint is very low. Over time, I found that it delivered what it promised”.

The bulk system for hydroponic growing with substrate is a perfect solution for this type of production. “Another important thing for me is that it allows me to fill the troughs with local substrate: 50% soil and 50% compost,” says Klieber.

Another key to drainage control systems in hydroponic growing is to provide aeration and prevent moisture build-up under the substrate, encouraging stronger and healthier roots, and thus better yields thanks to the Spacers. This is another example of Hydroponic Systems’ engineers and technicians working together with experienced farmers and growers from different countries to develop solutions that improve crop yields in hydroponic greenhouses.

Les Jardins du Rottweg was born in 2019 in Klieber’s hometown of Mertzwiller, fulfilling his dream of having his own vegetable garden and dedicating himself to it, which he had had since the age of five, as he tells in his blog. “My life’s mission was to pass on these deep-rooted values of eating well, while respecting the craft of farming, which is both artisanal and environmentally friendly. Because your well-being is at the heart of my concerns, I produce my vegetables and strawberries without pesticides and select organic products to complete my range,” she says.


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