Spanish grower boosts gourmet tomato production with Hydroponic Systems

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Spanish grower boosts gourmet tomato production with Hydroponic Systems

Ametller Origen, a benchmark in quality food production, has reached remarkable levels in the production of gourmet tomatoes with the help of Hydroponic Systems.

This client has opted for our advanced hydroponics solutions and drainage collection systems. The results are remarkable.

Growing more than 250 varieties of tomatoes, they have achieved impressive yields in terms of kilos per square meter. Among the outstanding varieties are the renowned “Blue Tomato” and the tasty “Oxheart”.

The story behind Ametller Origen

Since 1830, the Ametller family has dedicated its life to cultivating and caring for its land. As a result of their experience as farmers, and true to their philosophy of respecting the natural properties of products, they maintain the ambitious Ametller Origen model, which integrates agricultural production, processing and marketing under the same objective: to contribute to the improvement of people’s food and health.

This achievement is a testament to how Hydroponic Systems’ innovation is driving quality agricultural production. We congratulate Ametller Origen for their commitment to excellence in agriculture and their choice to rely on our systems to achieve it.

Find out more about their success in this exciting YouTube video: