What kind of plants can be grown in hydroponics?


What kind of plants can be grown in hydroponics?

Since its inception, hydroponics has been adapted through techniques and new products to grow a wide range of plants. These include vegetables, leafy greens, berries, flowers and medical cannabis. All under glass.

Our hydroponic drainage collection systems are perfectly adapted to the production needs and requirements of each crop. We highlight below the most common ones:

  • Strawberry cultivation: Thanks to the addition of tube supports that raise the metal trough by one meter, harvesting becomes more efficient and simpler, saving on labor costs. All this added to the addition of the Spacer to the gutter and therefore the separation between the crop roots and the drains. In addition, in intensive mobile systems such as Lifting and Swinging, production per square meter can be increased, resulting in fresher, higher quality and quantity of fruit in less time.

Sistemas HS Evolution Strawberry y HS Lifting

  • The cultivation of blueberries: Hydroponic cultivation for berries, allows us to increase production and grow in areas where soil conditions do not make it possible, offering numerous advantages over traditional cultivation. With the incorporation of our Spacer Hydropot into the hydroponic cultivation system, we guarantee a minimum contact and support surface, allowing us to raise the plant to about 6 cm. With it, we create the necessary space so that the roots do not come into contact with the drains or the soil and we guarantee efficient greenhouse cultivation of blueberries.

  • Growing tomatoes: One of the most common vegetables grown in greenhouses, like strawberries, are tomatoes. The advantages of growing tomatoes in hydroponics are numerous, but the one that stands out above the rest is the great savings in water. In greenhouse tomato cultivation without hydroponics, approximately 30 liters of water are used per kilo of tomato, while in a high-tech greenhouse with recirculating drains, only 4 liters are used per kilo of tomato. On the other hand, it allows us to produce off-season harvests, achieving higher production and higher quality in the harvest.

Among our systems designed for this crop, we find the Premium System (polypropylene channel with Spacer to be placed on the ground) and the Evolution Elevated System with adjustable supports.

These systems are also recommended for the cultivation of other vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, etc.

Sistema Evolution Elevated

  • The cultivation of medical cannabis: thanks to the Spacer the plants get better yields at the end of the cycle and even an increase in density, distributing the plants in double or even quadruple rows. The Hydropot System is perfect for plants in the Mother phase because of the separation between the Spacers, while the Premium System is recommended for the Vegetative and Flowering phases because the density is high and the Spacers cover more than one plant. Finally, it is also possible to use the raised metal trough of the Evolution System to cover the same phases as the Premium System, but with a better finish, quality and slope control by means of the adjustable supports.

soluciones para cannabis medicinal

As a conclusion, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a team of professionals such as Hydroponic Systems in order to find the right hydroponic drainage collection system.