“With the Spacers we have avoided the eternal headache of root rot”

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“With the Spacers we have avoided the eternal headache of root rot”

Khasan Khatamov, manager of Buxara Bilal LLC, a company located in Uzbekistan, uses our Spacer Elevated in his greenhouse, which he built in 2019. Two years later he made the decision to switch his crops from soil to elevated hydroponics, which meant greater control of both pH and roots.

“Thanks to the Hydroponic Systems Spacer, the drainage and ventilation of the plants improved. The roots stopped coming out of the drainage holes and were no longer touching the water. That has meant that we avoided the eternal headache of root rot and spoiling the crop,” Khatamov says.

Buxara Bilal LLC grows tomatoes in a five-hectare greenhouse and is starting to export to Russia. Before summer, he says, he plans to ship 500 tons to the world’s largest country. “At the beginning of setting up the Spacer Elevated we didn’t notice the difference, but as soon as the plants reached a certain size, we noticed that the roots were in very good condition and soon began to bear fruit.”

Prevent plant diseases with Spacer Elevated

This is an ingenious piece that sits atop a metal trough or lattice (in Buxara Bilal LLC’s case, metal lattice), to which it clings thanks to Elevated Clips. It is usually part of the hanging or lifting systems.


The use of Spacer, as recently demonstrated by growers and consultants from Ceickor Centro Universitario (Mexico), allows for better root health, resulting in higher quality and increased production, which these researchers estimate to be between 3% and 5%.