Hydroponic Systems at Greentech Amsterdam 2023: Agricultural Innovation in Action!


Hydroponic Systems at Greentech Amsterdam 2023: Agricultural Innovation in Action!

Hydroponic Systems is pleased to announce its participation in the Greentech Amsterdam 2023 fair, one of the leading events in the agricultural sector worldwide. The fair, renowned for showcasing the latest technological advancements applied to cultivation, provides a unique opportunity to share our innovative solutions with professionals and experts in the industry.

At this year’s Greentech Amsterdam, Hydroponic Systems will present its latest advancements in professional drainage collection channels and protected cultivation systems. Our solutions are designed to provide farmers with the ability to save irrigation water and maximize crop performance by eliminating undesirable moisture that can lead to diseases and economic losses.

One of the highlights of our participation in the fair will be the introduction of the new HS Evolution Pot system. This innovative system is characterized by its ability to minimize the use of plastics, contributing to environmental sustainability. Additionally, it offers farmers greater flexibility by allowing them to use their preferred bulk substrate or even their own substrate, catering to the specific needs of each crop.

Visitors of Greentech Amsterdam 2023 can find us at Hall 1, booth 01.453. Our team will be delighted to provide detailed information on our innovative solutions and how they can benefit agricultural production.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our booth and discover how Hydroponic Systems is leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient agriculture.

We look forward to seeing you at Greentech Amsterdam 2023!

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