How to grow blueberries: Blueberry growing system in hydroponic greenhouse


How to grow blueberries: Blueberry growing system in hydroponic greenhouse

In recent years, the demand for berries, and more specifically blueberries, has increased. This has led to an increase in surface area and cultivation techniques.

Soil is no longer a problem thanks to the existence of optimal substrates for growing blueberries. Of all the berries, blueberries require the most consideration for greenhouse cultivation. We are going to see some of them, as well as an optimal hydroponic growing system for blueberries.

A good selection of variety (Bluetta, Duke, Earliblue, Puru, Nui, PBBB and Sunrise), spacing, control of temperature and pollination, roots and water are must factors.

For example, growing blueberries in a greenhouse equipped with heating allows to extend the production cycle and advance the harvest by 2 months, helping us achieve intensive production.

The blueberries are planted 2 feets away, leaving space between lines for the plant’s cares and harvest.

Poor root development causes plant death in certain varieties more than others. Because of this it is necessary that the roots are in good condition and do not become curled. This can be easily achieved with the use of a Hydropot Spacer. The Spacer guarantees the minimum contact and support surface. In addition, it raises the plant about 6cm, the space necessary so that the roots do not come into contact with the drains or the ground. In this way, we obtain healthy roots and avoid the proliferation of root diseases, in addition to facilitating the cleaning and hygiene of the plant.

To get to this point, the idea has evolved from having the pot resting directly on the ground, then different supports have been used (such as polystyrene or bricks). Bricks or polystyrene do not allow aeration between the substrate and the drains and as a consequence, the roots leave the substrate. In addition, due to its porous nature, proliferation of fungi, bacteria and algae (potentially dangerous) occurs. To avoid all these problems, we came up with the design of the Hydropot Spacer.

cultivo arandanosBased on the geographic area, water is to be a critical and determining factor. With the help of a suitable collection system, such as the Hydropot System with virgin polypropylene channels, the drain can be collected and reused later, facilitating greater control of the nutrient solution as well.

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In short, growing blueberries with a hydroponic system allows:

  • Increase the density of blueberry cultivation.
  • Greater control of factors for growth (water, nutrition, etc.)
  • Control in cleaning and hygiene of the plant.
  • Avoid soil pathogen disease problems.
  • Increased production and higher quality.
  • Greater control of productive periods.

And if it also includes a Hydropot Spacer:

  • Increased aeration between the substrate and drains
  • Prevents the roots exiting the substrate and contacting with the drainage.
  • Higher quality and quantity production
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Easy installation and disinfection
  • Efficient drainage circulation
  • Decrease in diseases and transmission.

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