Greentech: Hydroponic Systems will present its new potted strawberry growing system


Greentech: Hydroponic Systems will present its new potted strawberry growing system

  • The company will exhibit in Amsterdam between June 14 and 16, the novelty of the year: the HS Evolution Pot system, which combines a pot and a metal channel
  • It will also show the systems from the rest of its catalogue for all types of crops

Hydroponic Systems will be exhibiting its innovative hydroponic and substrate growing systems to visitors from all over the world at the Greentech trade fair in Amsterdam from June 14 to 16.

Among them will be its latest novelty, recently launched on the market: the HS Evolution Pot system. This is a cultivation unit for strawberries that combines the Spacer Pot with the metal channel, which allows the roots to have more aeration and oxygenation than with other similar systems. It also allows the use of customised bulk substrates, which reduces the use of plastics and associated costs.

Alongside the HS Evolution Pot will be the traditional Hydroponic Systems products, installed and used in nearly forty countries worldwide. These kits improve growers’ results, as shown by several recent studies. One of them, led by Mexican consultants from Ceickor Centro Universitario, indicates that by using these systems that incorporate some Spacer model, they have managed to increase the total yield of their plantation between 3% and 5%.

These improvement results are due to the fact that Hydroponic Systems manages to maintain good health throughout the plantation by preventing the roots from coming into contact with drainage and waterlogging.

Hydroponic Systems professionals will be attending to industry experts, friends and customers at booth 413 in Hall 5 throughout the show to show them the benefits of using their hydroponic and substrate growing systems.