Hydroponics to improve greenhouse yields in Uzbekistan


Hydroponics to improve greenhouse yields in Uzbekistan

  • Many farmers in Uzbekistan work in their greenhouses growing in soil or with the substrate bags directly placed in the soil. This causes a number of problems that can be avoided by finding the right hydroponics supplier
  • Hydroponic Systems has staff in Uzbekistan to serve its customers
  • “Thanks to Spacers we avoid the eternal headache of root diseases”

How to improve tomato yields in a greenhouse? This question is currently being asked by millions of farmers around the world. Also in Uzbekistan, one of the countries where this activity continues to emerge thanks to the efforts of the entire local sector. Many of these greenhouse growers in Uzbekistan, moreover, suffer from different problems related to plant and root diseases. Despite what it may seem, this is very easy to solve: you just have to find the right hydroponics supplier.

To solve the eternal headache of root diseases, all you need to do is to install innovative equipment in the greenhouse.

The problem is the following: when growing with the substrate bags directly on the ground, the drains accumulate very easily under them, so that the roots, if they grow too much and come out of the bag, can come into contact with dirty water, bacteria… And this has very serious consequences: diseases, contagions and bad production.

To solve this, only one piece of equipment needs to be installed: the SPACER.

The SPACER is already in use in several greenhouses in Uzbekistan. Its function is to raise the substrate bags a few centimetres, which will be placed directly on top of them. Unlike the soil, the SPACER has a minimal lattice surface, so contact is minimal. Thus, the drainage falls out of the bag onto the soil and never comes into contact with the bag or, of course, the roots.

This has a clear advantage: there are no more such diseases because the roots always remain healthy.

But there is more.

If the substrate bags are directly on top of the soil, temperature changes in the soil also affect the roots, so stress increases and production is reduced, affecting the grower economically. By using the SPACER, the plant remains isolated and prepared for maximum development.

More advantages of using the SPACER

The space under the SPACER is sufficient to prevent the drains from damaging the roots. But it serves for more than that. For example, it is a space through which air and oxygen circulate freely and can be better absorbed by the roots.

SPACERS cannot be manufactured by every company. Hydroponic Systems has patented products that help greenhouse growers around the world avoid root disease problems. For this reason, it is the ideal hydroponics supplier for Uzbekistan, where it has local staff specifically focused on installing equipment to improve greenhouse crop yields.

A success story from Uzbekistan

In this video, we show you the case of one of our customers in Uzbekistan. In this case, his ambition to improve and implement agricultural innovation led him to place our drainage collection troughs elevated with poles to increase his tomato harvest. Spoiler: he succeeded. You can read the story by clicking here or watching the video:

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