Hydroponic Systems and Soleil partner to bring innovation in drainage collection systems to Paraguay


Hydroponic Systems and Soleil partner to bring innovation in drainage collection systems to Paraguay

In a joint effort to promote modernization and efficiency in agriculture, Hydroponic Systems and Soleil have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the Paraguayan company becomes the official distributor of the Spanish firm’s drainage collection and greenhouse cultivation systems.

Soleil has opted for the quality and proven performance of Hydroponic Systems’ Evolution systems (metal trough and Spacer). Recently, the Soleil team travelled to Mexico to see the greenhouses equipped with these systems up close and were impressed by their functionality and efficiency.

Hydroponic Systems’ Evolution system, consisting of a metal trough and Spacer, has proven to be a state-of-the-art solution for greenhouse drainage collection. Its advanced and resistant design allows for maximizing the performance of greenhouse plantations, optimizing the use of water and guaranteeing maximum efficiency in drainage collection. This has been proven in many parts of the world, where the Spanish company’s customers reside.

With the installation of Hydroponic Systems’ Evolution system on 1 Hectare of its production greenhouses, Soleil is not only looking to modernize its own infrastructure but also to use it as an impressive showroom to show farmers in Paraguay the benefits and potential of these innovative growing systems.

“We are excited to partner with Hydroponic Systems and offer our customers in Paraguay a state-of-the-art growing solution,” said Marco Trovato, CEO of Soleil. “The Evolution metal trough and Spacer system have been noted for its functionality and efficiency in greenhouses around the world, and we are confident that, just as in Mexico, it will be a significant game changer for agriculture in our country.”

The collaboration between Hydroponic Systems and Soleil represents an important step towards modernizing agricultural practices in Paraguay. By providing local farmers with access to state-of-the-art equipment and high-performance farming solutions, this partnership promotes efficiency, sustainability and the growth of the agricultural industry in the country.


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