Solutions for optimising cultivation of hydroponic cannabis


Solutions for optimising cultivation of hydroponic cannabis

Hydroponic growing systems for medical cannabis are currently used in entirely controlled environments that are monitored constantly and undergo exhaustive checks in order to guarantee consistent and homogeneous quality across the entire crop and throughout the different cycles of the year.

Hydroponic cultivation of medical cannabis is an incredibly technical industry. It has to take the strict demands and requirements of the legal system into account, in addition to the specific, wide-ranging legislation in the place where it is produced, in pharmaceutical companies and in processing companies. The high value of the end product largely justifies the investment in the agricultural technology that guarantees the optimum quality it is designed to achieve.

This is why the next-generation agricultural technology that is being developed is based largely on using made-to-measure climate control to achieve optimum conditions, taking into account, first and foremost, the characteristics of the crop.

Humidity control in hydroponic cannabis

The unique characteristics of the plant’s physiology mean that attention must be paid to the fact that it is very sensitive to humidity. Humidity is one of the factors that most affect the cycle of nutrients in the plant. It also affects the ratio at which the water in the leaves transpires. When humidity levels are very high, transpiration slows down, leading to a decrease in absorption through the roots of water with the nutrients that are essential for growth.

High humidity levels also foster the spread of bacteria and, more specifically in the case of cannabis, the generation of fungi. The main issue in this particular case is Botrytis. It can kill almost an entire crop and it spreads in humid environments.

All these factors can have a huge impact and impede farmers from achieving the optimum quality conditions that are so necessary nowadays.


Best hydroponic system for cannabis at Hydroponic Systems

Based on our experience over the last few years designing and developing high-tech hydroponic projects for medical cannabis, we have found that there is a minimum amount of equipment required in order to meet the demands and achieve the absolute top quality that is needed.

Although the specific climate in the location where crops are produced will always be the determining factor, the following equipment is almost always necessary in facilities of this kind:

  • Forced ventilation
  • Dehumidifying systems
  • A black-out screen
  • Artificial lighting
  • Hydroponic system
  • Drainage systems for appropriate use of water

Facilities such as these need to meet a wide range of quality requirements whilst ensuring maximum yield. Hydroponics in the substrate for medicinal cannabis has become an essential pillar in meeting all these needs and its efficacy has been undeniably proven.

Types of hydroponic systems for hydroponic medical cannabis

At Hydroponic Systems, we are constantly developing avant-garde solutions and searching for ways of applying our hydroponic systems to cannabis in order to achieve advantages in a range of crops. If a project involves industrial hydroponic cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes, we provide made-to-measure solutions for the different stages of the growing process. The solutions we provide ensure elevated levels of suitability.

Our HS Premium System for hydroponic cultivation of medical cannabis (amongst others) provides our clients with very desirable advantages in terms of plant handling. It has positioned itself as an incredibly versatile solution.

In response to specific demands for a simple system that is also efficient, our HS Premium System combines the advantages of the aforementioned hydroponic cultivation of cannabis with other, new advantages including cost reductions, decreased losses with a minimal illness index and all-around increased plant growth quality.

These results are obtained with an incredibly versatile hydroponic system consisting of a number of elements but, above all, a polypropylene channel that collects drainage water plus a spacer to elevate bags of substrate and create room for ventilation between the bag and the drainage system.

Depending on the specific phase of cultivation, the Hydropot, a variant for planters that is perfect for hydroponic growth of flowering cannabis plants, or the Premium version, which is more specifically geared towards other phases such as the vegetation phase, can be selected. The demonstrated benefits of this hydroponic system for cannabis mean that it is essential for industrial and professional production.

Hydropots System for planters. Flowering phase.

Hydropots System for planters. Flowering phase.

Example of cultivation line configuration for planters

Example of cultivation line configuration for planters.

Premium System for bags. Vegetative phase and for mother plants and clones. Hydroponic medicinal cannabis

Premium System for bags. Vegetative phase and for mother plants and clones.

A tried and tested, a unique system is at your disposal for the cultivation of medical cannabis, whether this be on an industrial scale (in which case we can design the greenhouse indoor space and offer advice on different solutions) or for more localised use. We can provide you with a made-to-measure solution for your needs.

Whatever the case and whatever the preferred system, the motivation behind achieving quality crops is what truly produces good results. With this in mind, at Hydroponic Systems we are at your disposal to share our experience and help you achieve the very best results when cultivating hydroponic medical cannabis.

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