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Spacer Premium

The most durable and resistant option for soil-grown crops

Spacer Premium

Spacer Premium

The Hydroponic Systems Premium Spacer is an essential part of substrate bag culture systems. It serves to create a separation space between the plants and the soil or drainage channel, improving crop performance.

This component enables effective drainage, prevents root blockage and reduces the risk of diseases. It also facilitates efficient drainage collection, contributing to water conservation and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Spacer Premium optimizes hydroponic cultivation by ensuring adequate separation between the plants and the drainage channel, promoting their health and improving crop yield.

HS Spacer Premium
- Single Piece
- Measure 100cm x 19cm x 6cm
- Ref. 020001
Advantage of using Spacer Premium
The use of Spacer Premium in soil-based crops offers several advantages. This innovative component acts as a spacer between the plants and the ground, providing a range of benefits to optimize crop growth and productivity. Firstly, the Spacer Premium helps create a healthy root environment by allowing proper air circulation and preventing soil compaction. This promotes stronger root development, nutrient absorption, and overall plant growth. By keeping the roots above the ground, it also minimizes the risk of root diseases caused by excessive moisture or soil-borne pathogens. Secondly, the Spacer Premium assists in weed control. By lifting the plants off the ground, it reduces the chances of weed growth and competition for nutrients and sunlight. This results in easier weed management and less interference with the desired crop. Furthermore, the use of Spacer Premium facilitates better water drainage. It prevents waterlogging and excess moisture around the roots, reducing the risk of root rot and fungal diseases. Adequate drainage also helps maintain optimal oxygen levels in the root zone, supporting healthy root development and nutrient uptake. Lastly, the Spacer Premium improves the overall cleanliness of the crop. By elevating the plants, it minimizes contact with soil-borne contaminants, such as dust, mud, and debris. This reduces the likelihood of crop contamination, making harvesting and post-harvest handling more efficient and hygienic. In summary, the use of Spacer Premium in soil-based crops offers advantages such as improved root health, enhanced weed control, better water drainage, and increased crop cleanliness. By optimizing these factors, farmers can achieve higher yields, better quality produce, and more sustainable agricultural practices.

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